"I’m forever grateful that the universe brought Laura and I together. Her passion, knowledge, authenticity, and ability to deeply connect with anyone she is in circuit with is truly unparalleled. I’ve worked with Laura both professionally and personally and have come away from every single one of our meetings feeling renewed, inspired, and better able to handle whatever comes next in my life. She’s supported me through my healing process in so many different ways and I’m so grateful for all of her poignant and practical guidance. I am 100% certain that Laura will exceed your expectations, support you in truly changing your life, and forever imprint your heart as a holistic health practitioner, coach, mentor, teacher, and friend." - Lexee M.

"I saw Laura and she educated me on my eating habits and helped restore my balance with food education, stress management, and natural supplements to complement my medications. My doctor was amazed at my lab results just 2 months after starting with Laura. I have continued to lose weight and am sleeping better than I have in years." - Lorena M. 

 "I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, weight gain and stress. Overtime, I was taking more and more prescription medication to get relief and that is not for me to take pills! After my evaluation, Laura started educating me on how to listen to my body by changing the things I ate and cutting out the stuff that triggered my problems. With the aide of natural supplements and stress management practices things were looking up! I was feeling hopeful again!  Laura is so knowledgeable, inspiring, caring, easy to talk to and just down right awesome! I am blessed that our paths crossed! Laura changed my life!!!! - Jennifer H. 

"I have known Laura for more or less my entire adult life. We met early first semester in college and we clicked. We became nearly inseparable for the next several years. I knew her before her illness first manifested, for some of the worst days of it, and I now know her after she was able to change her outlook and turn her life around in an amazing way.

Just a bit about me… I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty hardcore skeptic in all aspects of life. I was a person who always thought that medical treatments are the only way to go about dealing with physical ailments. I thought holistic approaches to illness was generally a waste of time. In the past years I’ve changed my tune on that. Laura is the reason for that change.

It was in our early 20s that Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For years Laura went through the normal process of treating MS. Copaxone injections every day. Constant doctor visits. Extended hospital stays. Going in for steroid treatments, radiation treatments, spinal taps and more. I can remember her being literally unable to walk after some of these treatments, crying at the seeming hopelessness of it all. In many cases it truly seemed that the treatment was much worse than the illness itself.

One thing that has always been true about Laura is that she is a strong person physically, mentally and spiritually. Even for someone as strong as her the pain and difficulty associated with the illness and treatment was nearly emotionally crippling. She never gave up the fight, but there were certainly some dark times. Changing her outlook, changing her habits/routine and a holistic approach to living a healthy life is what brought her out of the darkness.

If you are dealing with some sort of an illness (be it physical, mental or spiritual) I can’t imagine there is anyone better to help you along the journey to living a happy life than Laura. She seen the whole spectrum from utter hopelessness to complete fulfillment. Add to that she is generally just a wonderful person, and someone who truly cares about others. For those that are in her circle she is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back, let you have the last slice of pizza and all the rest. If you are suffering, make the call and have a conversation with her. You will not be sorry!" - Brian S.

"Laura was exactly what I needed when I was going through an emotionally and physically challenging time. She supported me in diet changes, mindset changes. The accountability she provided for me as I was going through this process was so valuable to me and my healing experience. Her holistic approach to healing has been so important to me and my process. I can not recommend her enough. Thank you, Laura!" - Mallory J.

"I couldn’t be more grateful for Laura Bautista and can easily say she has changed my life. I have struggled with stomach, digestion and eating habits for a majority of my life and never had the proper tools to live a more energized, balanced and wholesome life- or rather- I never had the proper education to live a move energized, balanced and wholesome life. I have been to a dozen of doctors and therapists but none were able to really dig deep and get to the ROOT cause (habits, trauma, allergies, conditioning, etc.) like Laura has been able to.

Laura’s expertise in food, nutrition, supplements, oils, psychology and the entire body system is astonishing. Like no one ever had before, she led me to the realization that the medications I had been taking for years had caused a built up of toxicity in my body and that we needed to cleanse and reset me. The supplements she suggested were effective almost immediately. I’ve had so much more energy and am so educated on what my body does and doesn’t like. Not only do the supplements support me everyday for living a more sustainable life, but Laura checks in on me frequently and has a very powerful intuition on when a client needs extra support or needs some affirmations. Her programs are EXTREMELY specialized to the specific client and goes above and beyond what you would expect.

There is an infusion of nutritional tips, recommended supplements along with HUNDREDS of other self-help tools including energy healing, tarot reading, affirmations, recommended books, healthy recipes, and so much more. I believe we are all radiant human beings but sometimes we get clogged up (literally and figuratively) and Laura is the goddess / bad ass guru who can help unclog, release, reflect and reset. She is able to lead one from dimmed to a bright radiant light, by getting to the root and building a foundation from there. Working with her you will not just feel like her client, but like family." - Meredith P. 

"A little bit about me upfront, I’ve tried every diet and every way of eating. I’m knowledgeable about how to eat healthy. For me, there were a few bad habits holding me back. Late night snacking, emotional eating and negative thoughts around food and my body. When I came to Laura, I wasn’t sure that she was going to tell me anything that I didn’t already know. “Do I really need to pay someone to tell me what I already know?” “Here goes another attempt at one of my shenanigans”. NOPE. LAURA WAS A GAME CHANGER and a total God send for me.

She gets to the ROOT of the problem. I always maintain around the same weight. However, I lost 4lbs in 3 weeks and still seem to be losing. MORE than that, I don’t have the sugar cravings and late night snacking cravings that I thought was just something I was going to have to deal with forever. I thought my will power just needed to get stronger. I am learning so much from Laura. She’s so passionate, educated and knowledgeable about what she does. I can’t wait to keep learning from her. The weight coming off is just a bonus from what I have taken away so far. It’s a small investment for the life changing ground work you walk away with. I will be recommending Laura to all of my friends and family, including the ones who are already asking. :) - Erin S.