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I’ll be helping You Create A New Normal

  • Increase Energy

  • Live more fulfilled

  • Heal ongoing symptoms

  • Release stress more easily

  • Maintain your ideal weight

  • Look and feel your best

  • Feel more connected

  • Help yourself so you can show up more fully for others

Five Pillars To Fully Healing

  • Address the underlying reasons behind your symptoms, illness, pain, or stuckness in order to access your full potential and get your power back.

  • Release the false belief that once you are sick, you are sick forever. Pain, numbness, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, sleeplessness, digestive problems, chronic stress. These symptoms are indicative of a deeper issue and all have solutions.

  • Heal from the root using your personalized plan, natural remedies, & inspired action. Heal without the use of drugs or surgery.  My program is designed to liberate and empower you. Click here to learn how.

  • Consistent, conscious, informed, aligned choices. Mentorship coupled with high-touch accountability.

  • I invite you to re-evaluate your role in your healing process. Co-create a new normal. Regain control.


Your body, your responsibility, your freedom.

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What Clients Are Experiencing…

"I’m forever grateful that the universe brought Laura and I together. Her passion, knowledge, authenticity, and ability to deeply connect with anyone she is in circuit with is truly unparalleled. I’ve worked with Laura both professionally and personally and have come away from every single one of our meetings feeling renewed, inspired, and better able to handle whatever comes next in my life. She’s supported me through my healing process in so many different ways and I’m so grateful for all of her poignant and practical guidance. I am 100% certain that Laura will exceed your expectations, support you in truly changing your life, and forever imprint your heart as a holistic health practitioner, coach, mentor, teacher, and friend." - .Lexee M.

"I saw Laura and she educated me on my eating habits and helped restore my balance with food education, stress management, and natural supplements to complement my medications. My doctor was amazed at my lab results just 2 months after starting with Laura. I have continued to lose weight and am sleeping better than I have in years." -Lorena M. 

 "I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, weight gain and stress. Overtime, I was taking more and more prescription medication to get relief and that is not for me to take pills! After my evaluation, Laura started educating me on how to listen to my body by changing the things I ate and cutting out the stuff that triggered my problems. With the aide of natural supplements and stress management practices things were looking up! I was feeling hopeful again!  Laura is so knowledgeable, inspiring, caring, easy to talk to and just down right awesome! I am blessed that our paths crossed! Laura changed my life!!!! - Jennifer H.