11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor When Diagnosed With Autoimmune Disease

It is vital that you start learning about the mechanisms of your body and that you are able to understand your diagnosis in super simple terms. If you do not understand your disease, you will be less likely to know how to help yourself. Your diagnosis is not your fault, but your healing journey is 100% your responsibility. Here are some great questions to get the convo going with your doctor or healthcare practitioner:

In simple terms, can you please explain the following to me:

  • What is an autoimmune reaction?

  • What happens in my body on a cellular level when I have a flare-up or exacerbation?

  • Which foods/products should I eliminate from my life and why? Can I reintroduce slowly and when? Should I try Paleo, Vegan, or AIP (Autoimmune Protocol)? If so, for how long? Should we look into food sensitivities and environmental intolerances? (Ask for a plan.)

  • How does my stress level impact my condition?

  • What role does exposure to toxins play with regard to my condition/symptoms?

  • How can I make sure that my body is eliminating toxins properly?

  • Should we explore my lifestyle choices to see if are things can could be tweaked?

  • What role does digestion play in my healing process? How do I optimize digestion and gut health?

  • What are the side effects (short-term and long-term) of my medications and what percentage of people experience these side effects?

  • What is our plan to counter negative side effects so that I don’t need to add more medications to offset more symptoms?

  •  How can we explore causes vs. using pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms?

These questions will help you feel more in control of your doctor’s appointments and will hopefully get your doctors thinking outside the box. If your practitioner is unable to answer some of these questions, no biggie... Western medicine doctors and practitioners are largely trained to prescribe and not to look for causes. If your practitioner is unwilling to explore and research these things for you...find a new practitioner.

You can google the following keywords: functional practitioner, holistic practitioner, or holistic nutritionist to address the underlying reasons for what keeps causing symptoms and flare-ups. Search for someone in your area or work remotely with someone like me. Find what feels good. Request a 15-minute preliminary meeting if you feel like it.  The good ones will take some time to talk to you...because they understand what you have been through. Make sure you feel good about the investment of your time, energy, and money and always ask for what you want. This applies to all things in life. 

Print this piece of paper out right now if this applies to you. And take it with you to the next appointment with your healthcare practitioner. Read directly from this list or use your own words. 

Comment below if you have anything to add. I want to hear from you. 

Mad love,