Success Stories

"Laura’s program gave me a stronger foundation in which to hold myself accountable on a day-to-day basis and a better understanding in terms of leading me into what makes me feel good and being unapologetic about that.


It has also given me a better understanding, nutrition-wise, of what works well for my body. I had been vegan for a couple years and then transitioned out of veganism and just kind of had no idea what felt good with my body.  Now that I feel physically good, that's stemming into the energy and the motivation to look into other aspects of my life, whether that's emotional, mental, or spiritual and so it just kind of spilled over into all these buckets and helps serve myself in a greater purpose in greater good for health all around. 


And I would say the relationship with myself has been strengthened ten-fold. All of these different ways of looking at myself, whether that's emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually, it's just all grown into a greater understanding of who I am and how I operate and what feels best to me. And so the relationship with myself is absolutely the strongest it has ever been, as well. 


My favorite part about working with Laura was the honesty and candidness that she provided each and everyone of us. Throughout my personal journey, something that I have really come to appreciate is people who just tell you exactly how they're feeling so there's no guessing games. People telling you exactly what they think will benefit you and also providing an open space to hear what you think so that you can have that open dialogue to achieve your best success. Laura’s honesty, candidness, her ability to be there for me through my struggles through the program, and just being really straightforward and forthcoming with thoughts and feelings and emotions and ideas to help me was really important and meant the world to me.


I have this very strong intuition and gut feeling, and this felt like the right next up for me. So I put my money fears aside for the first time and decided to invest in myself and it's come out the other end exponentially. As long as you are willing and ready to put in 100% of the effort into this program, then do it! If you are ready to put yourself first, and you are ready to let go of all the worries, limitations, or concerns... “what about this? what about that?” If you're ready to just dive in and face those head-on rather than continually talking yourself out of things, then 100% do this because it's so worth it. The only thing that'll keep you from getting the full worth is your fear and your choice to maybe not fully invest yourself into this program."


-Denay Hering

“I would recommend this program to pretty much anyone who knows there's more and has no idea how to find it...


I feel like this program changed my life in every way possible. I didn't know what I didn't know. I knew I was unhappy with my career, with my life, but I definitely didn't know why. I knew something needed to shift. I didn't know what that was and I had no idea how to do it on my own. 


I found so many things that I didn't even know I was looking for. I learned so much about what it actually means to be healthy [and] just how powerful your mind is in shifting and creating your entire world. That alone to me is the biggest takeaway that I got from this program because I'm a completely different person than I was a year ago. I feel comfortable in my body, I trust my body, I trust myself! I didn't even realize that I had lost that! 


[Laura’s] program makes health a part of your everyday life, of your everyday thought processes, and it connects every piece of your life. Because when you think of health, you might just think of food or exercise, but in this program, health really is about every single piece of the way that you think, your money health, your business health, your physical health, your mental health. 


I would recommend this program to pretty much anyone who knows there's more and has no idea how to find it. I think that your health is a wonderful place to start, but it can also be your business, it can also be your mindset. So really just knowing, feeling stuck in mindsets, old paradigms, old societal constructs, and really feeling like you are trapped or that you are not even yourself anymore and that you don't even know who you are, this program is for you."


-Michelle Tarantino

“...Without this program I still wouldn't have left the old career that I was at. So that, for me, that means everything because I was able to start my business while on this program.


“Before I started working with Laura I was really in a dark place with my health. I was struggling with very bad symptoms, which is interesting because I'm a practitioner and a health coach. So I was really struggling to find out what was going on with my health. I was dealing with chronic fatigue and heart palpitations and really bad food allergies and digestive issues. So when I first came into this program, what Laura taught me was that I was dealing with a lot of fear in my body and fear of my symptoms. 


I would say I've noticed a huge improvement in all of my symptoms, especially my digestion, but I also have had a huge shift in how I view my health and how I view my body and I released a lot of the fear that I was carrying around my symptoms and I feel that that's really empowered my health.


This [program] changed my whole career. I really have been wanting to start my own business for a couple years, I was just really afraid to. So when I started working with Laura and started this program, I really didn't know how I was going to change my career, but really what it did was it fast-tracked me to do what I've been wanting to do for years and I think without this program I still wouldn't have left the old career that I was at. So that, for me, that means everything because I was able to start my business while on this program.


I would recommend it to people who have been trying a lot of different things for their health and being unsuccessful at it. If you're stuck with where you're at and you don't feel like you understand what's going on in your body, you tried a lot, come do Laura’s program. If you feel just stuck in general in your life, if you're trying to make changes in your career, especially if you're wanting to get into the health and healing field, I would do this program.”


-Jenna Crookshanks

“It's like she just believed in me so much that I had no choice but to start believing in myself as well.


“I joined Laura's prosperous practice program and it was the best investment I have ever made in myself or my business. 


I've made more progress in the past three months working with Laura than I did in 2 years trying to do it on my own. She is such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for everything from health and nutrition information to how to build a practice really efficiently and sustainably in a way that's full of integrity and alignment and really powerful action. 


I feel like a completely different person than I was three months ago and I completely attribute that to working with Laura. It's like she just believed in me so much that I had no choice but to start believing in myself as well. And that is just a really priceless transformation 


I highly recommend working with Laura. Her energy is just contagious and it was a life-changing experience. Really recommend 10 out of 10!”


-Sarah Knight

“I Have Been Suffering From Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 For 5 Years… I Haven't Had An Outbreak In 6 Months!”


Laura is very knowledgeable about the holistic approach to healing. I have been suffering from herpes simplex virus type 2 for 5 years. I've tried the only two medications my doctor was able to prescribe, but unfortunately I continued to get outbreaks. I felt like I was at a loss.


My immune system was poor, I was tired all the time, and started to feel depressed. I was then recommended by my sister to seek Laura's help. Laura was able to figure out a combination of essential oils and supplements that relieved my symptoms better than any big pharma pill could.


Since starting on this new regimen, I haven't had an outbreak in 6 months! I have very mild symptoms of itching when I become stressed. My favorite part is that Laura incorporates spiritual healing as well as mental and physical. She is very uplifting and helps me to believe in myself to achieve the goals I set for myself. I use what she has taught me in my daily routine. She really helped me to find myself through this journey of health. I am so grateful I decided to take my first step of overall wellness with Laura!


- Patty Sinoradzki

“She Valued My Opinions And Ideas And Worked With Me To Find Solutions In Ways My Doctors Never Did…”


When I first came to work with Laura in August 2019, I had been sick for about 3 1/2 years. I had been through the ringer and was on serious medication and a lot of it, yet I was still experiencing frequent, debilitating symptoms. I was defeated and needed to find a new sense of hope.


One of the main reasons I decided to work with Laura was bc she not only has an amazingly calming affect on people but she also healed herself from her own health issues and chronic illnesses.

One of the most difficult things to overcome when chronically ill is the extreme loneliness you feel. While people can empathize with you, they never truly understand what you go through. Having been through her own “hell”, Laura was able to provide me with a comfort and hope I hadn’t felt before. She exudes positivity and it rubs off on you.


A lot of my symptoms were exacerbated by stress, and I believe stress is what helped contribute to my Illnesses. Laura showed me ways to self soothe and most importantly to be patient and kind to myself. She made me conscious of my negative thought patterns and helped me reframe them.


Even when I resisted her ideas and had moments where my commitment wasn’t what it should be, she remained patient and kept helping me find a way that worked for me. She listened to me and never pushed. She valued my opinions and ideas and worked with me to find solutions in ways my doctors never did. I am about to sign up with Laura for a third time and working with her has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. No amount of money could ever buy the level of support she has provided me with. I am eternally thankful and grateful for her guidance and the ways she has gone above and beyond for me.


-Ashleigh Heckman

“I Completely Stopped Drinking Caffeine, Didn’t Need Naps Anymore And Lost 12 Pounds!…”


Working with Laura changed my perspective, my body and most importantly my habits around food. I went to her because I was always sleepy midday. I took naps regularly and drank tons of energy drinks and coffee. 


After just a couple of months working together I completely stopped drinking caffeine, didn’t need naps anymore and lost 12 pounds! Her methods and accountability were game changer for me.


Deborah Whitby

“…I've Felt More Alive And Felt Extremely Less Bloated…”


Laura is amazing at what she does. She has a genuine craving to help any and all women tackle their health uniquely and realistically. Laura helped me change my mindset around food. She taught me to simply add in nutrient dense foods into my diet rather than telling me everything I had to "cut out." She was so balanced and realistic in her approach and I could tell she had so much care to help me with my situation. Since adding some things into my diet she's recommended, I've felt more alive and felt extremely less bloated. Laura is amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone :)


Macy Anderson

“I Am A Totally Different Girl Now…”


“I just wanted to stop by and highly recommend Laura. I found her when I was honestly at the end of my rope . Physically mentally and emotionally exhausted from so many body issues and so many doctors appointments I had seriously lost hope . Not only did she patiently and lovingly teach me how to heal myself but she did it in such a way that it made sense to me every step of the way . Never once did she let me give up and never once did she not help me see the progress I was making daily when I honestly and wholeheartedly followed her lead and guidance. I am a totally different girl now then I was even 8 weeks into her program. Now on my own I feel confident enough in my ability that I can do a restart on my health anytime I need to and know exactly how to do it . Laura is the real deal . Body mind and soul. Best money I’ve spent in a long long time. 


In gratitude, Polly Parsons.”

“The Weight Coming Off Is Just A Bonus…”


"A little bit about me upfront, I’ve tried every diet and every way of eating. I’m knowledgeable about how to eat healthy. For me, there were a few bad habits holding me back. Late night snacking, emotional eating and negative thoughts around food and my body. When I came to Laura, I wasn’t sure that she was going to tell me anything that I didn’t already know. “Do I really need to pay someone to tell me what I already know?” “Here goes another attempt at one of my shenanigans”. NOPE. LAURA WAS A GAME CHANGER and a total God send for me.


She gets to the ROOT of the problem. I always maintain around the same weight. However, I lost 4lbs in 3 weeks and still seem to be losing. MORE than that, I don’t have the sugar cravings and late night snacking cravings that I thought was just something I was going to have to deal with forever. I thought my will power just needed to get stronger. I am learning so much from Laura. She’s so passionate, educated and knowledgeable about what she does. I can’t wait to keep learning from her. The weight coming off is just a bonus from what I have taken away so far. It’s a small investment for the life changing ground work you walk away with. I will be recommending Laura to all of my friends and family, including the ones who are already asking. :) 


Erin Spurlin

“Laura Was Exactly What I Needed When I Was Going Through An Emotionally And Physically Challenging Time…”


"Laura was exactly what I needed when I was going through an emotionally and physically challenging time. She supported me in diet changes, mindset changes. The accountability she provided for me as I was going through this process was so valuable to me and my healing experience. Her holistic approach to healing has been so important to me and my process. I can not recommend her enough. Thank you, Laura!"


Mallory Jax

“I Feel So Much Better Now That I Am Living As Me…Additionally, I’ve Lost 35 Lbs. In Two Months...”


I met Laura about three months after my wife died following a 34 year illness, I was overwhelmed with grief and unresolved issues. I had gained a lot of weight stuffing my feelings and dealing with constant fear. Laura was kind and helped me heal, in so many ways.

I was sleeping about one hour a night, if I slept. In three months, I’m on the road to healing and living a happy and functional life. I worked very hard, meditation, writing, and reading along with her constant direction I began to heal.

I now feel happy and have real direction. For my future, I will continue to work with Laura, I really don’t want to go back to that life of being a professional mourner. I feel so much better now that I am living as me.

Additionally, I‘ve lost 35 lbs. in two months. Now we’re beginning intermittent fasting to move the process along, my goal is to complete a marathon within a year. In short, she has helped me reinvent myself through healing.

-Harold Benkoski

“I Never Felt Better In My Life!…”


I was dealing with leaky gut, hormonal acne, weight gain, lack of sleep and low sex drive. Laura helped me rearrange my schedule and gave me the courage to speak up for myself. That took care of my sleep!

We worked on managing my food better, adding in supplements to heal my gut I’ve the course of 3 months and BAM-The weight started to fall off! I lost 8 pounds of FAT that my gut was storing! My abs were starting to come back, and I was seeing my energy soar through the roof.

Now the acne....little did I know how much food could do damage to my skin!…With a combination of Whole Foods, taking care of my skin, averaging 8 hours a night and supplements to take care of my gut, I never felt better in my life!

Want to also know a secret? Laura was helping me conceive a baby too ! With her help, my husband and I found out we were pregnant 3 weeks after my program ended!

She made me a better woman by boosting my self confidence, helped me in my own coaching business and showed me how past behaviors affected my body today.


-Brittany Parsons

“…She Provides You With The Tools You Need To Literally Live Your Life To The Fullest…”


“I had met Laura over 10 years ago and we ended up losing touch for a while. I know running into her again was no was and is a blessing.


It is amazing to see how she has transformed her life. She was able to transmute suffering into vibrant health - on the level of mind, body, and soul. She truly is an alchemist :)

If you're looking to level up, Laura is definitely the way to go. She is a pillar of light and knowledge and can really help you to lift the veils which prevent you from being your true self. She helps you to shift your mindset from a place of fear to a place of love and light. She provides you with the tools you need to literally live your life to the fullest.

I haven't met anyone like her before - someone who truly cares, someone so kind and compassionate. She does not judge, always has your best interest at heart, and really takes the time to fine-tune to your specific needs and make sure you are in a space of understanding.

Whatever your needs are, whether you want to lose weight, be free from anxiety, or just move into abundance, Laura will get you there. She has helped me in ways that I can't even describe and I am both grateful and blessed to have received her guidance. <3 <3”


Nisha Lund

“If You’re Looking To Heal From Chronic Illness And/Or Improve Your Health Physically, Emotionally, And Financially - No Better Person To Support You And Help You Blossom In Your Health Journey Than Laura!…”


“Laura is truly gifted and knowledgeable in holistic health and helping women achieve transformational results with their health in every aspect of their life, in addition to being a wonderful person. She has really shed light on some toxic thinking patterns of mine and possible blockages in my health, and also provided me the clarity and wisdom in the direction to go with my health confidently. She lives and breathes what she does and offers incredible accountability, support and direction. If you’re looking to heal from chronic illness and/or improve your health physically, emotionally, and financially - no better person to support you and help you blossom in your health journey than Laura!”


- Sarah Julia Stephens

“I’m Forever Grateful That The Universe Brought Laura And I Together…


"I’m forever grateful that the universe brought Laura and I together. Her passion, knowledge, authenticity, and ability to deeply connect with anyone she is in circuit with is truly unparalleled. I’ve worked with Laura both professionally and personally and have come away from every single one of our meetings feeling renewed, inspired, and better able to handle whatever comes next in my life. She’s supported me through my healing process in so many different ways and I’m so grateful for all of her poignant and practical guidance. I am 100% certain that Laura will exceed your expectations, support you in truly changing your life, and forever imprint your heart as a holistic health practitioner, coach, mentor, teacher, and friend."


Lexee Melendez

"…I Was Suffering From Frequent Migraines, Bloating, Weight Gain And Stress…”


"I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, weight gain and stress. Overtime, I was taking more and more prescription medication to get relief and that is not for me to take pills! 


After my evaluation, Laura started educating me on how to listen to my body by changing the things I ate and cutting out the stuff that triggered my problems. With the aide of natural supplements and stress management practices things were looking up! I was feeling hopeful again! 


Laura is so knowledgeable, inspiring, caring, easy to talk to and just down right awesome! I am blessed that our paths crossed! Laura changed my life!!!!


Jennifer H.

“…I Am Finally Creating My Happiness And Vitality Effortlessly.


“I’m in deep synchronization. I walk into a restaurant because it’s a beautiful cool evening and then a jazz band begins to play right across from where I’m sitting, and I melt. I used to go alone to jazz clubs all the time when I was at my happiest. I think that I’m at my happiest again without even realizing it. This has been a whirlwind of a year but starting your program this past new moon I am finally creating my happiness and vitality effortlessly.”


- Leslie Bautista

“..I've Seen Positive Changes In My Sleep Patterns, Mental Health, Workouts, Morning Routine, Alcohol Dependency, And In My Relationship…”


"Laura's approach has been an absolute inspiration for me. There's no other word I can use to describe it. In the past, changes I tried to put into practice always ended up being short term. Laura worked with me to institute a plan that was attainable at a pace that's helped me to build a lifestyle I never dreamed possible. Most importantly, she listened to the very specific issues that had plagued me in the past and customized an approach that was right for my specific needs. Instead of just trying to band-aid the nuanced problems I had been struggling with, Laura was able to help me find a cause of where they had started and work towards a solution at the root. 


I've seen positive changes in my sleep patterns, mental health, workouts, morning routine, alcohol dependency, and in my relationship. I believe human beings are inherently trying to get better all the time, however, not everyone has a plan for the how. With Laura's help, I've been able to find my "how" and I'm working at it every day! Thank you Laura!"


- Chris Viviano

“She Really Got Me Out Of My Rut And Turned The Page With My Health…”


“I had been struggling with my health issues for so long on my own when I met Laura and I knew right off the bat that she could help me get unstuck and that I really needed outside assistance. She is so amazing at listening to your issues and encouraging you to take the next steps for your health and mindset. I have learned how to really care for my body and mind to be the best version of myself. I definitely recommend Laura and this program, she really got me out of my rut and turned the page with my health.”


-Jourdain Wehunt

“I Moved Back To Where I Wanted, Got A New Job, Repaired My Relationship, And Came Up With Daily Routines That Have Benefitted Not Only My Personal Life But Professional One Too…”


Where do I even start…Laura has honestly changed my life since working with her over 6 months ago. She’s helped me get to the root of my anxiety, people-pleasing ways, and ups-and-downs.

She takes time to fully understand your individual needs and her customized approach is like no other. She’s transformed my mind, body, and spirit. Throughout our journey together, I moved back to where I wanted, got a new job, repaired my relationship, and came up with daily routines that have benefitted not only my personal life but professional one too.


On a daily basis, I now recognize negative thoughts but don’t let them continuously consume my brain versus the past where I constantly let them ruin my day. Laura has taught me so many tools/practices that have resulted in much more self awareness and the outcomes have been extremely beneficial for my overall mental health and well being.

In the past 6 months, I’ve achieved many of my goals through her approach which could have taken much longer if it weren’t for her guidance or maybe could have never been possible. She’s taught me to ask for what I’ve wanted and trained my mind to receive what I was looking for with more spiritual efforts vs. stressing myself out.


I recommend Laura to literally anyone that is ready to make lifelong changes and transform their spiritual, mental health and well being. Her program will set you up for long term results and success. Laura - I cannot thank you enough. This is your calling in life and I’m so glad to have worked with you and continue to work with you.”


- Kate Mastalerz (on left. - My baby sister, Leslie, on right.<3)

“…Knowing Her Own Struggle With Her Health .... I Know It Motivates Her To Want Anyone And Everyone That Is Suffering To Find Healing!..”


Laura is like an angel 😇 she is so informative and knowledgeable and she truly cares about helping people heal and wants them to get better! Knowing her own struggle with her health .... I know it motivates her to want anyone and everyone that is suffering to find healing! I’m so appreciative of her time that she gives me and helping me in my healing journey ... Thank you Laura ! 💚😘”


Jinnette Ostrander

“I first met Laura a couple of years ago when I received services from her to help balance me through an all natural approach. From the moment that I walked into her office, I felt connected and understood without having said a word. Laura has a powerful gift and is by far one of the most kind and loving individuals that I have ever met. She had me feeling my best emotionally and physically in no time! Laura has made a significant impact on my life and I am so incredibly thankful that our paths have crossed. Laura is a truly beautiful soul and I would, without hesitation, recommend her services!” Justine J.



“I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty hardcore skeptic in all aspects of life. I was a person who always thought that medical treatments are the only way to go about dealing with physical ailments. I thought holistic approaches to illness was generally a waste of time. In the past years I’ve changed my tune on that. Laura is the reason for that change.


It was in our early 20s that Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For years Laura went through the normal process of treating MS. Copaxone injections every day. Constant doctor visits. Extended hospital stays. Going in for steroid treatments, radiation treatments, spinal taps and more. I can remember her being literally unable to walk after some of these treatments, crying at the seeming hopelessness of it all. In many cases it truly seemed that the treatment was much worse than the illness itself.


One thing that has always been true about Laura is that she is a strong person physically, mentally and spiritually. Even for someone as strong as her, the pain and difficulty associated with the illness and treatment was nearly emotionally crippling. She never gave up the fight, but there were certainly some dark times. Changing her outlook, changing her habits/routine and a holistic approach to living a healthy life is what brought her out of the darkness.


If you are dealing with some sort of an illness (be it physical, mental or spiritual) I can’t imagine there is anyone better to help you along the journey to living a happy life than Laura. She’s seen the whole spectrum from utter hopelessness to complete fulfillment. Add to that she is generally just a wonderful person, and someone who truly cares about others. For those that are in her circle she is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back, let you have the last slice of pizza and all the rest. If you are suffering, make the call and have a conversation with her. You will not be sorry!" - Brian S.



"I couldn’t be more grateful for Laura Bautista and can easily say she has changed my life. I have struggled with stomach, digestion and eating habits for a majority of my life and never had the proper tools to live a more energized, balanced and wholesome life- or rather- I never had the proper education to live a more energized, balanced and wholesome life. I have been to a dozen of doctors and therapists but none were able to really dig deep and get to the ROOT cause (habits, trauma, allergies, conditioning, etc.) like Laura has been able to.


Laura’s expertise in food, nutrition, supplements, oils, psychology and the entire body system is astonishing. Like no one ever had before, she led me to the realization that the medications I had been taking for years had caused a built up of toxicity in my body and that we needed to cleanse and reset me. The supplements she suggested were effective almost immediately. I’ve had so much more energy and am so educated on what my body does and doesn’t like. Not only do the supplements support me everyday for living a more sustainable life, but Laura checks in on me frequently and has a very powerful intuition on when a client needs extra support or needs some affirmations. Her programs are EXTREMELY specialized to the specific client and goes above and beyond what you would expect.


There is an infusion of nutritional tips, recommended supplements along with HUNDREDS of other self-help tools including energy healing, tarot reading, affirmations, recommended books, healthy recipes, and so much more. I believe we are all radiant human beings but sometimes we get clogged up (literally and figuratively) and Laura is the goddess / bad ass guru who can help unclog, release, reflect and reset. She is able to lead one from dimmed to a bright radiant light, by getting to the root and building a foundation from there. Working with her you will not just feel like her client, but like family." - Meredith P. 

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“She Really Got Me Out Of My Rut And Turned The Page With My Health…”


“I had been struggling with my health issues for so long on my own when I met Laura and I knew right off the bat that she could help me get unstuck and that I really needed outside assistance. She is so amazing at listening to your issues and encouraging you to take the next steps for your health and mindset. I have learned how to really care for my body and mind to be the best version of myself. I definitely recommend Laura and this program, she really got me out of my rut and turned the page with my health.”


-Jourdain Wehunt