Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Trauma Informed Business Educator

Board Certified Health  Coach & Business Educator

I know what it's like to want to have more control and confidence when it comes to healing your body, but you don't know where to start. What information is actually good? Which approach will work for you? Does this "alternative medicine" stuff really get results?


As a 1:1 health coach, I'll help you trust your body–without the use of drugs or surgery–with my signature framework that facilitates expansive full-body upgrades.


As a business educator, I teach natural health practitioners to grow their online businesses in an aligned, intentional, and profitable way. 

Here's How We Can Work Together

Practice Growth Accelerator for Certified


Prosperous Bodies 1:1 

Concierge Style Health Coaching

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Hello and Welcome

Hey, I’m Laura! I’m a Board Certified, Trauma Informed Holistic Health Practitioner & Business Accelerator Mentor for Certified Health Coaches. I’m also a dedicated dog mama and nature lover. 


I merge new science, ancient wisdom, bioenergetics, spirituality, trauma healing, & lifestyle design to help you regain control of your health and heal without drugs or surgery.


My mentorship is super high touch, with a plan customized for you and plenty of accountability. Just think of me like your wellness concierge.



What Clients Are Experiencing

Polly Parsons


"Laura is the real deal . Body mind and soul. Best money I’ve spent in a long long time.” 

Mallory Jax


“Laura was exactly what I needed when I was going through an emotionally and physically challenging time…”

Jennifer H.


 "I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, weight gain and stress. Laura changed my life!!!!" 

FSA & HSA Benefits accepted!

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